Producer Statements

Assure compliance with the surety of aspecialist author.

HIGHT are recognised as specialist professionals authorised to issue PS1, PS2 and PS4 producer statements at various stages of the project.

Producer statements are required by council as part of the building consent application to provide assurance that the design and the completed building work is compliant with New Zealand Building Code (NZBC).  A producer statement is a professional opinion based on the judgement of a qualified professional that aspects of a building’s design and various elements of construction have been completed in accordance with the NZBC. They are not a product warranty nor a guarantee of compliance.  

As a recognised producer statement authors HIGHT can issue the following producer statements for you at different stages in the design and construction process:

PS1 Design 

A PS1 provides evidence that the structural design drawings are NZBC compliant and provide the Building Consent Authority (eg district council) reasonable grounds for them to grant approval for construction work to commence.

PS2 Design Review 

This type of producer statement applies to HIGHT undertaking a peer review of another professional’s design to indicate that it is NZBC compliant.

PS4 Construction Review 

A PS4 is issued upon successful completion of the building work. In most instances, a series of inspections will be required for HIGHT to be able to issue the PS4 documentation.