HCEL provide the full suite of Structural Engineering and professional consulting services.

Seismic Assessment

Do you currently own commercial or industrial real estate? Are you looking to purchase or sell a commercial or industrial property?

If this is you, talk to us first. Take advantage of our no-obligation initial consultation. 

HCEL are experienced delivering all types of structural engineering seismic assessments (IEP and DSA) all around New Zealand.

Earthquake Prone Buildings potentially have problems including:

  • difficulty attracting and retaining tenants and signing up long leases. This is due to the Health and Safety at Work Act (2015) and Directors responsibility to provide safe workplaces;

  • convincing banks to loan money against it;

  • facing the prospect of strengthening;

  • the assets value is much lower in this condition.

Through experience we understand the commercial realities around commercial and industrial real estate and can advise and assist you to reduce your financial risk exposure.

Building Consulting Services

Providing workable solutions to complex problems.

We use our professional skills to assist our Clients manage their valuable assets. We are suitably qualified and competent to investigate and prepare building condition reports on complex buildings and sites. 

Get in touch to find out how we can assist with your project.

Structural Engineering

Does it seem these days things are increasingly complicated and it is tough to get anything productive done? Have you experienced unexpected barriers on construction work? 

HCEL understand the pain points and issues faced in the modern construction environment and are qualified and experienced to be working within its legal framework. Not only that, but we'll help explain complicated concepts to you in easy to understand language. 

Our experience developing innovative concepts and undertaking structural design over hundreds of diverse projects means that we can often identify problems before they occur, to help save money, time and heartache later.  

We have the agility to engage on small domestic projects through to large commercial and industrial projects nationwide and further. 

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New Build and Alterations

Want value?  Explore your options with HCEL sooner rather than later.

Over the years we have saved our clients big money. If we are consulted early enough, HCEL will have the opportunity to add value, usually far greater than our fees.  That’s why we advise discussing your options early – to make best choices with you. 

Whether you’re doing a domestic, commercial or industrial new build or alteration, need geotechnical site investigation or retaining wall design we’ll take care of you. 

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